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Blood on the Altar of Man - text

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History of man is now darkened
Black desire, world funeral fire
Angry is the diseased heart
Desire burns their minds, life will die
War has engulfed the earth
Through the their weapons of politicians
Masses of people are suffering in deep sickness
Through endless pain of warfare
Famine and all of the plagues
Humanity is paying the price
What can you give to change the future before you
Blind we are
The war has caused casualties in the fields, in the streets
Seeing the children crying
For they starve and are homeless
What has happened to all of us
Mother earth is weeping
So shameful are the people hiding in the shadows
Lost in murder, lost in death, they can't deny too many bodies
So much blood has drenched the earth
Cast them out, burn 'em down, terrorize
From the sky, bombs of death, hear 'em cry
See the end of their lives, slow demise
The holocaust is arising
Now eyes have seen the plagues and disease
That have devoured all of the land
For their sins they have seen blood on the altar of man
Ascending merciless death
Smell the stench of the filth and the lust
Taste the lust, taste the blood of sweet death running cold
This is armegeddon
For all the kings and all the queens and leaders of
For they have killed and they shed blood on the altar of man
Falling tears, in mourning, desolate, despair, sorrow
Lonely is the heart of wanting in need of love and comforting
Lost is the the strength of brothers
Divide and conquer, bonds are severed
And the bridge of trust is rotten away
Skies of blue are now black
Life on this world has come to its end
Welcome to the never after

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