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Rain falls from heaven above.
What you see. Nothing can save you.
Mother nature is violently disturbed.
When lightening cracks the sky.
Sirens scream in the night.

Could this be a dream?
Panic spreads throughout the night.
Compelled by fear as the void draws near. Winds collide.
Listening to the broadcast. Warning to take cover.
Sought out by an unstoppable force.
Such a sound of a thousand chariots.
What a loss. It is the cost. The dead are so many.
Miles and miles of devastation.
Fire burns deep with the twilight. Cataclysmic whirlwinds.
Breath of god. You're going to die.
Thunder shakes the ground.
It leaves you trembling in fear.
Onward this child of the sky.
Destruction is all that's left behind.
Devastated. Lightning turns the night to day.
Structures are blown away.
Unexpected and a disastrous surprise.
Devastated by this child of the sky.

Text přidal DevilDan

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