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Shocked by the words you hear
A crime so horrific
Your mind consumed by fear
Swallowed alive by sickness
Common sense disappears
Erased when momentum shifted
Consequence of the most severe
Obey or face the wicked
You thought you knew your world
No need to fear
Believe every lie you're told
Every word you hear
Vigilant ignorance
Why pledge blind allegiance to this flag of desecration
And to the cesspool for which it stands...a fraud
History repeating in the land of make-believe
An orgy of illusion and hubris
Tyranny and treason, the propaganda slave machine
Telling stories to confuse the clueless
Killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary
Designed to be a psyop on society
Presenting chilling horror - twenty children slaughtered
We'll do your thinking for you...
Comfortable in your complicity
Corruptible in your gullibility

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