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Mechanisms of Omniscience - text

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Deception reigns the world over
Wrapped in the chains of new world order
With perfect slaves who obey their owners
A silent war across the stretch of years
Society conforms to strings of puppeteers
A viral surge of words and bad ideas
The final purge heard loud and clear
The new paradigm, absurdity
System paralyzed, in the tangled webs they weave
The abuse absolute, like a tumor you can't remove
This cancer spreads to every organ
This prison we live in, mechanism of omniscience
Relying on uniform ignorance
Like sponges absorbing calculated indoctrination
Converting the nature of a sovereign nation
Products of neuro linguistic programming
Ritualistic transplanting
Leeches sucking bodies dry
Sheeple happy to oblige
Global construct of control
Omnipresent stranglehold
Constricting, contorting
Squeezed until your will's subverted
Insipid, distorted
Warp the mind into conforming
Our submission, equals treason
Persuasion, through fiction

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Mechanisms of Omniscience


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