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Through Your Eyes on Christmas Eve - text


I look through your eyes and see
innocence they stole from me.
Christmas lights, and candy canes,
Santa tugging on reindeer's reigns.
The son of god, and good will toward man,
Through your eyes I believe I can,

All the things I have out grown,
Through your eyes again I'm shown.
See things I lost the fight to believe.
Through your eyes on Christmas eve.

You've given Christmas back to me
Through the innocence of your eyes I see.
Ghosts of Christmas past and present,
Past the families flaws unpleasant.
Past the dark and scary night,
To laughter in the morning's light.

I fear when you are grown and gone,
and all alone I'll sing this song.
no toys, or dolls or other things,
when grass grows under our backyard swings.
But if my child one day you bring,
your own small children, then I will sing!

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