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In an old toy shop in London
Small girl met a bear,
And she knew that it would break her heart,
To leave him lying there.

And though she barely spoke just yet,
She asked her mom and dad,
With silent look she said he’d be,
The best friend she ever had.

They played by day in sunny fields,
And by night he glowed,
To keep her safe from all the beasts,
That night time always showed.

But as he aged, his lights grew dim,
Until he glowed no more.
And then for years he lay quite dead,
Under bed upon the floor.

And the girl grew sadder, older,
As bear gathered dust.
Until she one day found him, and
Took him to a man she'd trust.

"Can you bring him back to life?
Daddy, make him glow."
"I'll do the best I can", he said.
"But I think the odds are low."

So he cut into the fuzz,
Dug down into the fluff.
And found some wires laying loose,
And reattached bears heart-stuff.

And Globear shown again!
His heart again did shine.
And so, too, did the girl.
So did this face of mine.

The girl then hugged her dad,
And took bear to her room.
And all alone the two did talk,
Bear illuminating gloom.

"I'm nine now," said the girl.
"I am no longer two."
And girl and bear sat silent, loving, and they both said,
"I missed you."

Text přidal Hengeyokai

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