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Books and music quell my soul,
Satiate my hunger,
Nicotine patch that plugs this hole,
And keeps my soul assunder.

But I long for smells and sights,
Real tastes, real muscles sting,
To put my feet on higher ground,
...real life is the thing.

It's been years since I watched the dawn,
Break over a craters ring.
It's been years since I built a fire,
And heard the jungle sing.

I need to fill a hallow soul,
Feel my trail take wing,
Adventure off the beaten path,
Real life is the thing!

Take me away from tiny towns,
Tiny minds with tiny lives,
Glaring eyes with perm-frowns,
I'll walk, I'll fly or drive!

Take me to an unknow land,
Where strangers always smile,
Or take me to abandoned worlds,
With no one there for miles and miles and miles!

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The Circus At The End Of The World

Abney Park texty

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