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Follow Me If You Want To Live - text


Follow Me If You Want To Live
“Locked up like a prison inmate while the rules your warden dictate.
Sick and thin and tried of debate, its time to live. “

If you think your feeling jaded,
think the current times are faded,
if you’ve got a care to give,
then join me in the skys above,
we’re headed somewhere else,
follow me if you want to live.

If you’ve seen horizons burning,
if you;ve felt a desperate yearning,
time is running through the sieve.
fill up your nap sack,
and throw it on your back,
follow me if you want to live.

I have seen a life thats better,
flown the skies in every weather,
my story you should not misgive.
Don’t stay chained to all your toils,
your prison guards you have to foil,
if you want to live.

Fighters standing on the right
while to the lef t the want to fight,
and neithers ready to forgive.
so join me in the skies above,
we’re headed some where else,
follow me if you want to live.

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