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Artificial Windows - text

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Artificial windows
Filter all our views,
Controlled by corporate interest,
Funding all "the News".
Viewing life through naked eyes
Has nearly been outlawed.
While forming thoughts unfiltered
Considered offensively flawed.
"How dare you form opinions,
Based on your actual view!
Accept corporate perspective!
We mandate, you approve!"
Once I walked outside.
On feet that were my own.
I looked at trees and grass and sky,
No corporation owned.
I saw the world was fair and clean,
Pretty and healthy too.
I breathed in air of pine and salt.
There was nothing else to do.
For this no one could bill me.
I had no fear, or rage,
I said "the world looks healthy!"
...So they locked me in a cage.
"Sssh! Speak no words of happiness!
Don't make content reviews!
If you do we can not bill the world!"
And in my cell, they played the news.

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