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My Blessing - text

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Although it always rains on me and all the days look the same.
I want nothing more than to be alone.
While my self esteem is failing and the faith slowly fades away.
I put my only hope in you, only you…
Staring into the barrel of a gun.
Is there another way to see the stars?
As I`m about to end my life, thirst is all I know.
The only feeling i have left is the urge for you.
My beloved liquid friend, it`s not we who are the fools.
Dreaming – Falling - Floating.
It`s all against me.
Naked – Dancing - Roaring
Accept me or fuck off.
Under the light of the moon i can see shining color now set free.
This great feeling when you`re with me.
Drunk forever I will be…I will be.

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