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I really hope that I get paid /
Itd be so nice to have some money
I'm eating pieces of shit for a day
Or two / or three / or a couple weeks or months / or years
I think I'm done /
Wish I could earn up and buy me some clothes
Fresh from the head to the toe
Got the old denim I wore
Not that I'm buying no more
I just can't afford this / why I would I record this /
It's hard being broke in a world where ya worth in weighed in gold / I'm weighing low / and nobody will ever give me my paychecks / why?
I'd be laughing to the bank
Thank you mom and dad
I been tryna buy these pants
This economy is bad
We been trippin getting by / thinking why / lifted sippin lies / hippie skipping time / gifted minds / get that piece of pie /
I be saving up for lunch
4 bucks Mickey Ds
Jack / jr. / lil cease / good eating / bad cheese / bad stomach / thats rub the tummy / fat eating rubbish / that's getting tubby fast / gifted minds / get that piece of ass
I wanna see you move / out / this rent can suck my dick / and I don't need no high maintenance chick / my expense ain't worth those tits / and my expenditure is shit / so beat it / please don't go /
My problems don't matter to people that starving to death / but sometimes i can't just can't figure out why I be paying my tuition till I'm in debt / and I still marvel at planets and then I forget / sometimes I just lose my breathe / then I remember why I even came to this place and inside of my head it makes sense /
Mind fuck /
or call it a brain freeze / from the 1 dollar slushie at the gas station my main squeeze / I biked there / no car yet / smoke shit from carpets / You far fetched / and I hear sluts from the OC / have gnar sex / for freeeeeee / that's amazing / I'm cheap / like an Asian
I ain't no racist / you a racist / is only racist if you say is / so pay up / I'm a rapper pay up /

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