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Odal Rune - text


Odal Rune
Another night for my damned sensation
into depth of my soul
on crystal green light
faraway from earth
faraway from my old land.
I walk my path lost into dark countries
with desolation wind on my face.
I travel in this dream fields
sword on my hand and fear by my side
in this mysterious land.
I've seen a sulphureus fog
and lake made of ancient warriors fears
I smelt
the essence of violent battle scent fought
by Gods in this iced sky.
My human heart was dead last night
Loneliness and cries
Eternal sorrow
Eternal silence
I'm walking with dark desire
and damnation on my skin.

I remember my hunger my funeral
hunger of darkness, so fine, pure
like a green dark forest in a winter night.
I drank my self and my blood with
my sacrificial dagger
my disincarnated liquid
fell down like a cold snow unclosed
in the iced lake
my obsessed human
sensation is
in this eternal
cosmic wave
in this old time
so far, so far

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