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Immortal - text


Nostalgia so far land
so far miles
and miles in time
one way of time and mind
time into memory lying
The deep crying an eternal sing
of a rising echo of a great battles
Blood, War and Death.

Victories, cries and screams of great
Warriors and furious heroes
Powerful deeds and wherever dead.

Dead man
against red swords bleeding
glittering in fire in blood odor and smoke
One only winner the great assassin
the great order of the dragon
the tempter sinner
Abgott Emperor
the revenge of great river of thought
against the stream a forward
voyage to the old land
A true journey
backwards in time through
the apparent nothing of future
towards the origin of race
in the depth true.

The mystery
The unknown knew forgotten
a journey through the nostalgia
a voice that sovereign and guide the human steps
into meanders of the lost land.

Doom of the Northern

In mind / it stands proud / with thy
immortality / passion

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