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A dead man
Leading the hunt, he plays
With his vipers he rises and rises

When the day draws darker
To the dark land
Your golden path he writes, any step

At dawn we stand
And the star’s mist
He bashes his laws into the ground
While you dig the graves in the ground

He commands us…the commands us…he commands you

When the day draws darker
To the dark land
You’ll have a grave then in the clouds

He grabs the rod in his belt
He swings his eyes
Dark and darker

Jab your spades deep and deeper…tear deeper

He shouts with blades more swirling the air
He’s dead and plays with vipers

The dead man leading the hunt he shouts and blades us swiftly
The death he plays with his masters the darker and vipers

He shouts “sonape your strings…darker…you’ll rise then as smoke to the sky”

He shoots you with shot made of lead
You know the true man leading the hunt

He loses his hounds, us grants a grave in the air
And plays with vipers…

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