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Book 1: Orucsolledvres Azaraq's Fizala Tales - text


Eionarap ehcilobaid elam li rep
shapeless skies fuse wind the void
in the obscene writhe of their density
in the balsphemous horizon of decomposed light
gloomy seems to blood density
coagulant light shadow miscarriaged by infinite moons
far away in the centuries' mirror
It moaning and rises from the ashes of bodies
dissolved pugged
hallucinative shade suffocated
tormenting liquefy aroma of organic substance

Ancient Presence
Flowing in the muddy ground
deconsacrated beautiful
bone rivers
myriad humid broken bones
laying drowned in a pain hole
secular solitude vibrations
dead undead life unlife light unlight
eternal depth being
the eternal sensation devouring rot
bleeding white
my writhe mind

violent spasmus drill sensations
filling wind and shake myself
the Creature is inner me out me
my flesh is dilating
my bones are bending
ora posso vedere
ora posso sentire
sono lo scrivano degli antichi
I am,

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