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Book 6: Nominato Essere Deve Non Colui Htohta.. - text


La Sua forma non forma tormentante inevocabile...

In eternal blasphemous destruction of uncreation
Rotten essence waves frustrating set tortures… Preparing furious imminent fearly apart
Of what you belive He is
Endless vortexes waving to dispel themselves
Unhealthy into the Essence

Melt unequivocal living death
To live the Death
…continuous to ignore of being of this vibration

Screaming oceanic spaces
Inside shapeless wall of infinity
Over obscure eternal time crypt
Enclosed is in the darkness the black throne
Blasphemous Pride‘s Glory throne
The bellow Sphere of darkness malicious
Here sit Him with the true name that no one had ever heard
In this terrible living darkness wander
Supreme confusion the Amorphous Mass…

Text přidal roman59

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