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Stood upon a hill
Watched the world turning all around of me
Asked of myself, what am I going to do
Recognised the signs, haunted and familiar
Feel like I'm spinning out of control
It's just the way that it goes
Stood upon the shore
Felt the waves sapping all my energy
Dragging me down and swept out to sea
Never to return
To the times of wasted opportunity
Launching the boat that's bound to go down
That's just the way things go round
In a dream I saw the way on the haze of a distant horizon
Clearly into view
Through the clouds the rays of light broke the dawn of realizing
Starting something new
Riding on a wave
Surfing on and crashing to oblivion,
Washed up on shore and hung out to dry
Caught a fleeting glimpse
Where I want my life to be
Just can't believe it cannot be so
That's just the way that it goes
In my mind I visualised the road I want to travel
Clear and straight and true
In my head I knew the way how the problems would unravel
Leading somewhere new
One dream, the end of the rainbow
Pot of gold or pie in the sky
So complete in so many ways
But maybe you'll never know why
Heaven help that stupid dreamer
Foolishly he wished on that star
So much love but strange complications
I wish I could see where you are

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