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Asleep so soundly as the night begins
Confront this nightmare and awake again
The faithful look upon you from above
Enchanted by the madness of your love
We will dream of pagan dances
We will soothe the sweet assassins
We will claim this world as our own
In desperation, hold me tightly
The salamander visits nightly
He will grant us everlasting bliss
The earth will open
Thy will be done
Time will trudge on
The sky will open
I was so wrong
Time will trudge on
Life is beautiful
Appear before us within a dream
Entwine us further with this entity
The withered statues crumble instantly
The voices issue forth in endless streams
I will dream of tribal dances
I will soothe the sweet assassins
I will dance the fatal dances

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Graveyard Poetry


Abdullah texty

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