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In this cold world we're all malnourished and alone
But the earth will ease the struggle
We live in hunger
In search of meaning where there's none
A communion of uncertainty and guilt
We destroy the only thing that makes us one
Burn down the temple where we all were born
It's a vicious circle that feeds upon itself
In the end we're left with nothing but a shroud
I feel helpless
I'm alone
Is it everlasting?
We blot it out with cold detail
And the apathy is frightening
Out in the darkness I feel as though I'm one with it
And I do not need your shrines to prove my faith
We will sacrifice the force that brought us life
Kneel down to worship what we're thought is right
Instilled with fear for a god that isn't there
While we rape the earth that nourishes us all
I feel helpless
I'm alone

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Graveyard Poetry


Abdullah texty

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