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You talk about a master plan
Where faith and violence go hand in hand
Keep holding onto all of your easy answers
You fantasize of mass destruction
Like a whore in love with her own reflection
A dying world's the key to your salvation
You can never see within me
Or understand the words that I speak
You want to take it all away
I defy your trite conventions
I abhor your moral lessons
I want to throw it all away
Guided by the spirit
I don't want to hear it
The sun sets tomorrow
Will you see it?
Steal my soul
Take its toll
Unholy poetry
You question why we all exist
Like an offspring born from the serpent's kiss
Do you believe in all of your easy answers?
Are death and god entwined so tight
In a sick embrace that sees wrong from right?
Set your clocks to the end of our existence

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