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Behold a Pale Horse - text

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So close all along
Let's tremble to the silent drone
And wander through the wreckage
As the day slips into night
Take care not to speak
Of the illness that slowly creeps
Into the order on man
For without this we are lost
Still you wonder, is it worth the fight?
Does it make a difference
Who is wrong and who is right?
I've known all along
The secrets kept in the protocol
We are all agents of sickness
A conspiracy of frailty
So lost in the guilt
Let's worship the idols built
To ease the pain of creation
And to grant us immortality
Still we wander into foreign lands
In search of power we don't understand
So I pray now for the ending of the lie
The protocol of the elder code will rule
Bow down in fear
Pray for the end of the lie
You never wanted someone to tell you how to survive
You never left for help
With the conflicts of this life
The black tongue of the orphaned son will speak
Bow to its grace
The whore will ignore the law of vice
Bow to this sin

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