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Intoxicated by suffering
Wallowed in pain and fear
Our ancestors founded this
Beliefs that we must revere
Without knowledge of the world
They said: «All is done by our God»
And his power is infinite
We must kneel down to be awed
What is the purpose of dreams?
The more we develop the more we confuse
Held at the bottom of life
By faith in that gods which we did not choose
Arise and free your mind from their chains of lies and mystery
Go ahead and don't think twice their gods are full of depravity
Leave this damned foolish path that brings to life only misery
Don’t live past, but don't close your eyes on bloody pages of history
So why should I pray in that church
Where floor is smeared by heretic’s blood
Told of the past of mankind
Where laymen for priests are just kind of mud

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Broken World

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