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Forged in Northern Sky - text

Brothers, do you see?
The land that’s over sea
We’ll take a large fee
Brothers, follow me!
Are you ready to show your might?
Prepare my brothers for bloody fight
We’ll attack foes that come into sight
This time gods are on our side
We are forged in northern sky
Odin gave us strength to fight
Time has come to scream war cry
All our enemies will die
What we want we always do
Have to fight not to argue
Killed a foe we don’t feel rue
We’re north brothers in our crew
Brothers, I have to say
We have the only way
Tomorrow we’ll sail in bay
Triumph awaits that day
Disembark how we reach the bank
All our enemies are sick and lank
They’ll scatter when hear our armors’ clank
When we come home we can swank

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