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The Angel Gabriel - text

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The face morphed into all horrors of the minds eye
Recalled was every tormenting grief and terror
This was human mind's perception of it's true form
But the paralyzed soul showed something so familiar
It bared chains of sorrow and malevolence
Unaware of the potential of its own power
Of the hatred that built the strongest of empires
But it saw a reflection of its shattered self
An entity bound, shackled in despair
But in defying god and heaven, the Angel Gabriel reshaped the future of this world
The trumpet sounded in a fit of rage
The verses were spoken and echoed through space time
Demons crossed a broken spiritual barrier
Invading, warring for the human psyche
In a tongue to rival the voice of god
It bestowed the falsest of prophecies
And with this ultimate, greatest of deceptions
It became the god eternally desired
And so its new champion set out
To reduce the desert's cities to ruin
To deface every last god and idol

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