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At last, returned to Jahilia
With war and death at each side
May fire consume all statues of abominations
May their cultures lie crumbled in ruin
Alas, great city of Jahilia
Where birthed the darkest of wisdom and sorcery
I shall paint these walls with the sorrows of forgotten religions
A portrait of this most tyrannical vision
With gruesome violence
Ears to deaf to their cries
A new region of terror shall arise
With absolute hatred, and hell in our eyes
Show their beloved gods their demise
Deconsecrate all blessings from the land
Disenchant their weak spiritual forces
With a corrupted army at my back
Demonic lords commanding their thoughts and souls!
Lit fires mirror the storied depths of hell
Infinite minions lie cloaked in the shadows
Bloodiest of wars, most barbaric of deaths
All religions perish in oceans of tears
"Truth has arrived and falsehood has perished
For falsehood is by its nature bound to perish"
To perish with the falsest of prophecies
Poisoned by the Earth he forsake
Withering away with the cultures he destroyed
His soul now at the mercy of pagan deities
Corrupt Jahlia now hold the darkest of empires
A City Visible but not Seen
Fortress of the most malevolent of deities
The mouth of hell
With gruesome violence
And ears to deaf to their cries
A new region of terror in our eyes
With absolute hatred, I see hell arise
Show their beloved world its demise!

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