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A dark figure wanders through the desert
Consumed by a desolate existence of sorrow
Seeking some sort of astral intervention in the most foreboding of caverns
A spiritual monstrosity, cast out like a leper
Emotions decayed like a corpse made in vengeance
Torn by his weak god's burden, he abandons his mission, his morality
Submitting to the dark forces with the deepest hatred for humanity
Mahound summon the end of life!
Mahound summon the end of light!
Seeking power to avenge an alienated existence
To dethrone the most ancient of gods!
What horrors transcended that cold dark desert's night?
In caves where lurked the most horrific of deities
Where the strength of man has once again failed....
Cowering in the presence of great archangel
A tearful plea for power, for dominance, for revenge
It mattered not the children to be slaughtered in his name
For not even those rivers of tears could cleanse the wounds of his soul
In the lightless abyss his spirit was broken
The universal consciousness betrayed
The time tube shattered, flooded
Where the strength of man has once again failed

A grotesque being slithers through the desert
A disfigured, mutilated, hallow shell of life

Eyes burn of satanic embers
Defiant of all prophecy and all written destiny
Meant to bring peace to this world, he swears it to it's death
Satanic messenger.... Mahound Summon the end of light!

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Satanic Verses

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