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Feel The Fire - text


Every day and every night
We give all we can give
We sold our souls to Rock'n'Roll
This is our way to live
No way to far, no hall to small
Let's have a real good time
Metal is our destiny
Though we won't earn a dime

Ride the bullet, bang your head
Metal is the law
This is what we came here for
We don't ask for more

We'll take you higher
Now feel the fire
Come, take us higher
We feel the fire in us!
All the shit that we've been through
It won't lay us to rest
Cos we know what we came here for
By music we're possessed
The longer we keep hold of this
The more we fuckin' thrash
Because we're here to bang our heads

While others go for a slash
(You will) Feel the fire!
Feel the heat!

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