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Time went by don't know why I'm trying
Took too long things went wrong now you're gone
I wish we met when we were young
No longer now, we burned up like the sun
Tainted body, mind & soul
I wish we'd known before we lost control
I waste my time on you & no matter what I do
you're the voice inside my head
I'm so sick of all your lies & no matter how hard
I try I think it's time for this to die
The silence it's haunting
My demons inside
They creep up
They taunt me
I can't choose a side
I kick and I scream
A means to an end
We started as lovers
But ended not friends now
You wanted him to be me
What do I get from this
Still the same old shit
Not suffering but
Damn where do I stand
Am I God or am I man
You understand?
Are you lying awake
Does it hurt you to see
This fucking cross I bare
So bow down to me
This hell is reserved
My palace is burnt
A longing for freedom
A place to desert me
This house that we built
Felt like a prison you found
No one holding you in
But you still burned it fucking down

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