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Infamous (feat A-Game) - text


Born and raised original
You're just TV typical
You think I'm just a gimmick?
From east to west you pussies mimic
Right now's our time, and all I fucking know
Is this city, throw it up

Blinding lights where I go
I look down from the top and it's crowded below

Rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I'm not
Fuck yeah I have an ego, but you would too if you had what I got
But we embrace all of this hate
Bitch you're 15 minutes late
Right now's our time, and all I fucking know
Is this city, throw it up


They only see us when they look up its kinda lonely where we've been standing

But we got perfect view that's HD wait 7D cannon.

That's flashing lights in my past life pilotmode about to take flight.

Paparazzi where we go, cool boyz you can blame it on my ego.

She say I got her wetter then nemo, I work for everything I need so.

I need more a bad bitch, brains with a 4. Average, backwoods with a little bit of cabbage.

And you know we killing this shit and you know we about to take over
I advise you abandon all ships.

If you don't like us, fuck you.
Forever Lonely Crew.
FLC ain't running
UO is rising
You're with us or against us
AAS is coming
New York's running
LA's running
Yeah, you should be fucking scared.
Toronto's coming.

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