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Feast on the flesh of the animals
Drink the liquor, mind oblivion
Intoxication and the devourment of red meat
The empty shall drink and the drunk shall be empty
Be plentiful in your fill of the women
for that pleases the minds eye
One thousand women, a gift to my ego
Ten thousand cunts, receive in submission

The impure ways - sinister ascent

The prophet of rotted fish, ripped apart in my teeth
Sate my thirst by blood spilled in the salmon fields
The fisher king, the krakon of the deep

The sinister way - a myriad of shadows

We were the same as helpless children
But we have risen and self overcome
But then we became as men
And now we have become as gods
To the shining light of excellence, through gutters of rotting bile
Worship your demons, enthrone your shadow self

Left handed way - sinister ascent

I shall attain spiritual perfection
In that manner which is true to my self

This is our path
The stuff of nightmares
This will be
Our sinister ascent

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