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The Phoenix Returns to Ashes - text


All pillars of solar fire, extinguished in smoke
Liars, cheaters and killers, choose me as their patron

You've wandered here aimlessly in this labyrinth of religion
Spit on your human aspect,
mock your proud ambition

For a billion years I've walked the
gangways in the deepest pits of Hell
I see in you a rising star, one who could eclipse Christ

Hell bound wings, phoenix like, rising in an all consuming fire

Morality and sacred taboos must be destroyed
I've come to you in the blackened mirrors,
I've shown you how to evolve
You will live on in the form of flame,
you will spread your wings wide
I'll take you under my shadow, begin your self extinguishment

Fold your wings, descend to failure
Return to ashes up on an all consuming fire

But like all mortal dreamers, you failed to grasp the essence
Burnt out in abysmal failure,
returned to the ashes of banal morality

Lay down to die upon the shores of the abyss
Its sands are the ashes of those you tried and failed before...
We have wasted our time again

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