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Mankind's Last Dream - text


It is the essence of - malevolence,
which I evoke from the "vril" source
To cut a slate of obsidian starlight, from the ebon sky
Or have I cut with a black blade,
extracted from my skeletal core
Perfect edge to rip, to tear a lesion in causality
Blade of fury behold me, cut a place for me in time
And in the memories of mankind, forever within and without
All that I am and could be, and who I desire to be
'Til I've exhausted this laybrinthine liberty,
cursed be me until I am free
Until all that holds me in this mortal shell
Of bone and flesh is shaken loose,
destroyed and I may excel
Into perfect omnipotence?

Solipsistic, majestic infinite, boundless
(Then turning to you my shadow)
I would take you by the hands, and lead to into the abyss
Swear your body and soul unto me, your mind, give it all to me

And I will give you a purpose
I will be your amour of mirrors, walk into Hell with me
All mankind's dreams shall be ours
Before and after, mankind's last dream

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Abaddon Incarnate texty

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