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Swim down into surging chaos, wrapped in deflecting orb,
Golden armour nailed from angel soul,
Safe in this crucible - surrounded by liars
Madden by the sights I see, aghast at my humanity,
Sick of my flesh, tired of my bones, safe in this crucible -
haunted by mistakes
Angel dust, to keep me awake for months
Elixir of the dragon, keep me angry for years
Cauldron of lies, to keep me proud of myself
Fathoms deep I met myself in mirrors of black nothingness,
pressure of all the suffering in the world,
deflected by this crucible - forever paranoid
The movement of the peoples of the earth, pass me by lightning quick, all these years waste away,
My armour becomes a tomb - I make my own doom

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Phobia/Abaddon Incarnate

Abaddon Incarnate texty

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