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After the Dying Time - text


The dead shall wake and talk to me
Speak the malifics, with breathless voice

Moonlit churchyard, saturn rising, dust of killers
Open the gateway to the kanderian world, summon through the veil
The rotten and haggard, the deathless and lifeless
They are in between

Ego sum te peto
Et uidere queo!

Alchemy of morbid priests, turn dead to living
Necromantic liaisons with the sinful dead

Locked out of Hell, barricaded from bliss
Doomed to rot in embrace with the ghoul wizards

The lust behind, the skull shrunken eyes
Swallows life from my breathing lips

Like two black holes in the between the starlight
Dead now for one million years
return to kingdom of the chosen
But you have not been chosen after all

Haunt the dark places of the Earth forever

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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