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The Fight - text

Feel your last embrace of daylight,
Catch the fading warmth of day,
Breeze the icecold air of threatening night
On your hard and stoneful way.
When the morning due turns into frost
A million souls are lost .Hear them sing their songs right out of hell
And their passingbell.

Say goodbye to all your friends
It's the night when mankind starts or ends.
Sing out today: "Oh Lord I pray!"

Stand up and fight 'gainst the soldiers of the night.
I hear them come marching forward to their drum.
Laugh into the dark, don't cry. You decide to live or die.

Stand up and fight 'gainst the soldiers of the night.
Sing out your song, makes you valorous and strong.
Be one force!-Reduce their might! So stand up and fight!

Stand against the knights of darkness
And their army of the death
Fight their swords of harsh mercilessness,
Smell their foul and icy breath.
Drive your sword into their hearts
When the deadly combat starts.
Hear them sing their song right out of hell
And their passing bell.

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