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Promised Land - text

I travelled to the foreign land
Through mighty winds and burning sand,
And over ice cold streams, you see!

I thought I'd found the Promised Land
My footprints in the desert sand,
At last I found my love in you!

Stay! This is your one-way !
Pray! This is your last day!

Don't you remember
Our time in september
We fell in love?

At the end of some day
I knew what you say,
Another man's waiting for you.

He came out of nowhere
I thought you took great care
You got me down on my knees.

Right in the morning
I gave you the warning
Now it's all over!

One summer night you told the truth
-Another guy-, I've go the blues
And now I lost my Promised Land.

You cheated me and killed our love
I hear a voice from far above:
"Why don'you pull the trigger down?"

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