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One More Embrace - text

From the ice to the sand
I move across the land
Miles away
From where my search begun

It's a long way back to home
But I know where I belong
Under the rain ander under the sun
From where my search begun

Pray the Lord my soul to keep
I'm thinking of you
When I lie down to sleep
I fight against the time to say
Good bye to you

Reflecting your face
For one more embrace,
Am I next to you? Can I feel you?
Can I see you?

On my way to Paradise
I'll stand right at your site
Still believe in love-keep hoping
I'll be strong enough

Pray the Lord ...

Hands on my heart
I can't see you right now
Give a sign in the dark

Hands on my heart
Take the pain off my chest
All I want is your breath --- I Pray

Walk up to me
Bring me up from my knees
Help me back to my feet --- I say

Hands on my heart
Wish you were here to take my fear

Hands on ...
Right from the start I feel your
Hands On My Heart
Everytime I think of home
I know you're not alone
I'll be with your heart though
I lost my path
I love you

Feeling alone
Still move across the stones
Can you feel me, can you heal me
Can you see me?

Pray the Lord...

Hands on my heart...

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