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Red dead 2 trailer - text


the Rocky Mountains?
It's the wild Wild West,
Let's bounty hunt while scouting,

Best way to describe this west, picturesque,
The stage is set for an impressive slug fest,
Wake on up I think you know I need my cut,
I'm Arthur Morgan pay up or get cut up,

I'll throw you over this here cliff, look it's beautiful,
At least you get to admire the view before I kill you,

Rolling in to town on my horsey I'm bound,
To find some people to rob for large amounts,
Making widows no remorse it's my graft,
Keep her dressed in black on your behalf,


Dark night, masks on, train robbing, deep talking,
Punch a punk in his trunk, should of kept on walking,
Vogue strike a pose on a hill it's trill,
I rode through the snow, chased by the old bill,

Thrown thro the door like you won't gimme that money?!
You better or I'll recruit my Cherokee buddy,
Train fights, feel my might,
I'll put you through this wall if you don't answer right!

More night with guys riding horses like knights,
And this type looks like a frightening sight,
Battered to the ground and no one minds,

Battle a gator,
Wade in your gaiters,
Be a pelt trader,
Dodge any bears,
See stabby lady,
She is aight,
Lasso a horse,
If you wanna ride,
And when I threaten,
You might die,
Stabbed from behind,
Boom, this a looks like a heist,
Duel wield my pistols,
And butt of rifle in your eye,
Duch asking for allegiance,
I say that's fine,
Burn the plantation,
Let the flames get sky high,
Arthur Morgan saying bye,

Text přidala EleanorHill

Video přidala EleanorHill

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