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The religious of the world, dangerous insane turds.
Crying "Sieg Heil, Holy Poltergeist"!
Man made "god" in the likeness of his sickness.
It should be the main aim of the wise to rid humankind
of the insolence of self-sacrifice, of the calamity of chastity.
Faith must be slain by certainty and chastity by ecstasy!
Stipendium peccati vita est
We should believe... a Jew girl was fucked by a dove who was really God in disguise
that gaseous vertebrate of cosmic heft, an alpha male dwarfing King Kong.
A small primitive population believed this in a desert far away, long ago.
Yet somehow their superstition should be right for us, right here, right now...
Moses wept, Muhammad wept, Jesus fucking wept!
Stipendium peccati vita est
And that half-bird, half-Jew schmuck somehow still spies on us,
but luckily all religions die at last of swallowing their own lies...
Stipendium peccati vita est
Now I believe... the universe is an intelligence test - and you have failed!
You circumcised fucks, don't lay your trip on us
Grow up, you makes us throw up!

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