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Blood falls down
Blood falls down
Death hand is reaching me
Out from the grave
Of murderous legion
A god left enslaved
Dead souls of winter
Are calling estranged
Behold all that's evil
Or welcome the pain
Falling, while dreaming
Such godless refrain
While feeding great evil
Left darkness begin
Stare into eyes
With visions of wreak
The snap count of steel
I am breaking your neck
Blood falls down
Blood falls down
I breed upon life
As if drawn from a well
Yet word's flow like water
That drown me in hell
Harvesting vengeance
Releasing the pain
The blood of the killing
To drive me insane
I stand at your funeral
To laugh in the rain
Then drink to your life
As they lower you in
The blood of your murder
Will cleanse me within
Deliver thine evil
I wash from your sin

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