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One, Two, Three, fallen into the night again and smell the fears.
Four, Five, Six, stand again and run across the life into your eyes.
On my ears the sound of steps, the sound of breath, the sound of broken nails on the ground,
On my frozen tongue the flavour of blood and now I run so fast and you are so sweet, so warm, so clear, so tasty for my lust
And you are so cute but I can't hear your scream “leave me alive!”
I'm hunting deep in the night to make icy your fire of blood,
I'll fly above existence and eternity,
I'm hunting deep in the night to blow away your dust, Paint it Black!
Six, Five, Four, the last jump away from my last humanity.
Three, Two, One, the only one last pray in the tear I taste from your cheeks.
Here I am, fallen into your night again for smell your fears and here you are,
My pleasure of blood and now enjoy the embrace of death!
Fear will fill my nose till I will be
Fear will be my law and now I accept this.
That's your dose from now and forever your red amphetamine.
Kill or die, the final conviction to uphold your bestiality.
Here you are, fallen into your night again for smell the fears
And here you are, your pleasure of blood and now run so fast and die!

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