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Rain On The Oblivion - text

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This story will begin when the sun will die beyond the human's creeds.
I'll tell you about the night, about the loneliness and despair.
I'll walk with heavy steps across your tears and i'll fly with my sharpest wings on your fears,
I'll sing about the Pain, about my Rain.
And inside this black, it's all over!
It's raining over, tears on tears, on disarmed blinks of eyes,
It reminds me when that pain began so I can realize where I could belong to.
I'm going to try to live but, inside this Black, it's all over!
There's a lace around my heart and it's crushing every positive thought,
Spinning the thread of the millionth fake escapes, from here.
Meet my eyes from another distant sky, fall on me I'm thirsty of light,
I'm just tears and now my tears are raining on me.
Just tears on tears, just me on me, just rain on the Oblivion.
My disease, all the promises and falls, all on my knees
[hopes are carved in my soul, engraved on my spine so I try...]
I'm trying to escape, i'll try again, but inside this Black it's all over!

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