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Embrace In Hell (Inferno, Canto V, 74-142) - text

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Walking through the screams, tapping the fire above,
On the wind feeling the pain, the blood, the betrayal
That has exiled them into the darkness
Am I dreaming or dying at the end of my days?
(but stop whispering inside my head)
Am I alive or am I the ghost of my guilty life?
Am I such a fool to hearing your voice inside?
Am I a fool or am I changing, scared by what I am finding inside?
And while I'm watching the lust, spinning fast and forever, there's a cancer beating my heart,
My body moves itself to reach the movements of dirty hands.
What's wrong with me, what's wrong with them?
I'm just wishing to stand here and keep on enjoying their shouting pleasure,
Filthy words and whispering, embraced in Hell.
As stone n the silence, lost in their breaths I am...
(something told from outside...inside)
Walking through the screams, tapping the fire above,
In my heart I'm loving the pain, the blood, the betrayal
My surrender, my weakness, my desire.
I'm here, understanding me, rediscovering me,
Reviving me and letting them embrace me,
Understanding me, rediscovering me,
Letting my body be loved too, embraced in Hell!

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