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Come out tonight, let's play this song, read me my rights, so I can feel this,
Grant me this last wish, I'll take you there and back again, and back once more so,
Treat me like you treat your others,

Let me see you now, as I stand here solo,
Lacking emotions to try to ask how,

You, yeah you, will you just help me out of this cocoon i've been stuck in,
And go back to me.

Every night this time, I see you jump right out, your window's failing to keep you trapped,
Ambition loses you, as you take that longer road, so start your walk now.
Treat me like you treat your others.

Feel the blood that you used to create
Taste the touch that you once used to know
I'd be the one that you would try to hate
You're moving much too slow.

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A Storybook Ending texty

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