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Into nothing
Cities decay
The grief
And sickness
Is buried
Sink into the trees
The age of ruin is over and we revel
Symmetry returns
From sea to shining sea

Nightmares drift back
Down that river of time
To the dawn of man
And I wonder what went wrong

Their souls gleamed / hearts of gold
Their hands crushed / souls of coal
That spark of light
In their eyes was destruction

Sky of fire
Warms our new dawn
And the kingdom sways
Our sovereign world
Man is all but forgotten

And we live
Together as one
Until that bright star fades
From orange to red to white
And we return home
To the stardust

Dreams drift ahead
Up that river of time
To the end of all
And i wonder what where we'll go

Our lights dim / bodies to dust
Mass collides / event horizon
That spark of light
In the end is destruction

Way down I remember the way it is always been
Way down I remember my place in the stars was black
Way down I remember how it all began
Way down I remember that lone singular black mass

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