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Arc of Failure (Law of Nature Pt. 2) - text


Spoken words

Everything has been said provided words do not change their meanings.
Is it not obvious that someone, who customarily
lives in a state of suffering, requires a different sort of religion?
from a person habitually living in a state of well-being?
The acts of men, carried over from past centuries
will gradually destroy them.

Man as pariah, piranha, a parasite
an all-consuming ravenous beast
who devours every other creature,
wreaking havoc upon a female planet
who bears the scars of his insatiable hunger
her body pitted by deep wounds gauged into her flesh
as he leeches her natural elements
to power his infernal machines.

Machines which spew black bile
poisoning everything
as man gluts on the Earths' sacred fluids and precious minerals
until Nature herself stages a hostile insurrection
against mans' gluttony and greed.

I felt that my existence here
was becoming a distorted, twilight memory

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