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A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets
Promise Me that you'll never give up no matter how hopeless

I promise

Nothing could stop us
We were invincible like an arrow in the sky without limits flying so high
The deepest ocean was our home to no return
And make it burn so call it love cause all that I know is

Everything you said me, every step you did
I tried to be the star
To show you the wherever you are
Tearing down the walls between you and me

The sign is true my faith is rising up even knowing I am not your kind of guy
But this is our chance to break our chains
And feel the breeze in our hands under the constellations
This is our chance to survive

Forever is the only word I would write
Forever and ever with me
I sacrifice my heart just to be the one
To keep you alive
And I believe in every breath you take so close to me
Your world was in my hands
I wanted to trust you cause you were my reason to forget
Who I am

The sign was wrong
My faith was falling down
Even knowing that we could survive this one
Our future change is this our end?
We were not prepared to live this
Live this, live this
This is our tragedy
Say goodbye
This is the end

I feel the ice inside my heart
So goodbye!

Never in my life
I feel the same way to be the one
That is cracking the danger
Sinking in my creation
I know you wanted to try to save me
(I know you wanted to try to save me)
And even if the sky and the clouds are falling
And even if the sun goes out
I don't regret it cause you said me
When you got nothing
(You got nothing to lose)

The oceans will be my home
The oceans will be my home

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