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I have lived only to torture the souls of men who have sinned
For so long I've sat frozen, forgotten by the rest of my kin
This fate forced upon me
Breeds hatred toward myself
How can one enjoy their place when you feel only pain?
How can a father feel no shame treating his son like a slave?

Oh father please come down to me, I haven't seen your face in what seems like eternity
I have chosen to let go of my resentment I feel for you
Let me retake my place at your side
To be a lesson to the rest of your pride
You fool, you fell
Now forever you'll be trapped in hell

How can a God be so blind?
I think you should take this time to repent
You need to realise you aren't worth shit

Now to alleviate millennia of torment
I will become the swift hand of sorrow
Thrust upon your beloved world of ignorance
Their time left is only time borrowed
Mark these words; I will not show them penitence
Humanity will unite and suffer

Chained inside your own design
A God left with no one but his mind
Losing himself in torment
You will feel the wrath of Satan

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