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I was a hollow shell of my former self
and I missed her so much I felt physically ill.
Wasted more than a spall blaming everyone else,
with my mouth on the bottle and mind gone to hell.
But it's time that I face the fact that she's gone
and she's not coming back.
Then when I wasn't looking you caught me off guard.
With a smile so contagious I fell from the start.
There's no need to wonder whose spell I was under.
You brought back a me I never thought I'd recover.
My life suddenly felt renewed.
And girl I owe it all to you.
But darling promise you won't leave.
Because this dormant heart quickened the moment
you laid hands on me.
You've got me smiling in my sleep.
Cause these shaky hands steady when I'm in your company.
You see it's never too late to be rid of your misery.
You can't see what's near when you're looking too far.
And for every sad tale there's a good one as well.
You can't let the sad ones define who you are.
If you need proof then look right at me
cause I never though I would be promising
that I'll never leave.
Cause my life felt worthless 'till you gave it purpose, baby.
You've got me smiling in my sleep.
Because these shaky hands steady when I'm in your company.

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