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Bitter Broken People (feat. Andy Bristol) - text


Take me as I am, take me broke and take me broken.
Give another love a chance
and we'll leave our pasts unspoken.
Cause we both know.
We all have our faults and have our scars.
Remember when you said you haven't felt right in forever.
Think with your heart not your head
and we'll be imperfect together.
And we'll both grow.
Cause even the most broken hearts can mend.
Even the most broken hearts can mend.
If there is one thing that I've said
that's worth remembering is true.
An open heart can change your point of view.
The biggest difference in the lives we lead
is what we learn from our old tendencies.
Don't shut off don't implode.
Don't let that heart turn to coal.
Don't be an apprehensive soul.
You told me once before that you can't remember laughing.
And I wrote you somber poems how happiness is never lasting. We're so bitter.
What happened to the us we used to be.
And now I'm reaching out my hands.
Open palms searching for comfort.
Don't neglect another chance to let that kindred heart recover.
Let's not lose it.
Let's not waste a perfect opportunity.
There are bitter broken people.
But my dear I must beseech you.
You got me wearing feelings right here on my sleeve.
Just let me wrap my sleeves around your body.
Don't let the day end.
Let's not clock the time again.
Waters rain easy on our parade and we'll drink it in.
Motion drops, we won't make a stop.
We're heading home,
let's tell the whole block.
I don't know but we can't turn around.

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